Overcoming my Fear of Swimming
What I Learned from John Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership




It's been almost a year now since my last post and a year since I first learned how to swim.  I can't tell you enough how life changing swimming has been for me.  It's been life changing because it was the biggest fear I had in my life and now I've overcome it.  Swimming was something I just didn't do before.  I took lessons before in freestyle and failed.  It just took the right swim coach, some belief that it was possible, and handing it over to God.  

Would you believe me if I told you that I LOVE swimming now?  I was so overjoyed at the initial onset of swimming that I continued weekly lessons after that competition.  I can now swim a mile.  That's 64 laps!  That's ridiculous when I think of it.  If you had told me last year pre-swimming lessons that I 'd be able to swim a mile a year from now, that would be the funniest joke ever.  For me, this is like climbing Mount Everest!  It was THE impossible.  But what's even cooler about overcoming my fear of swimming is that it has given me confidence that I can overcome anything.  It's like that book, feel the fear and do it anyway.   Now when I have challenges come into my life, I almost welcome them.  I realize it's an opportunity for me to be a better person.  Little by little, God willing, I can overcome.  

What is the voice within you saying to you?


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