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Your One Degree, For Women

A program for bringing more clarity, focus, and effectiveness to your life.

Who:  For motivated women who want to discover and live out their particular life purpose in order to glorify God.  Each group will have a maximum of 5 women.  

You will experience more:

FOCUS- Learn how to become more focused and intentional.

FRUITFULNESS- Experience more fruitfulness and impact.

FREEDOM- Have a greater freedom to be who you really are.

FUN- Find greater enjoyment in life.

FINISH- Be equipped with tools to help you finish well in life. 

What:  A 9-week group coaching program in which you'll discover the following:

  1. What abilities you have that drives you, bring you a deep sense of satisfaction, and give you energy.
  2. What experiences positive or negative that have prepared you to help individuals, groups, or organizations to live out your life purpose.
  3. What skills, talents, and expertise you possess, and do well or have a strong knowledge of expertise in.
  4. What your interests and passions are.
  5. What your gifts are that would make a spiritual impact on others.
  6. What your nature or personality traits are.

When:  New groups starting in February 2018.  Dates TBD depending on group needs.  We'll meet via phone once a week, 90-minutes a session, for 9 sessions.

Where:  Via teleconference.  Dial-in information will be provided after registration.

Requirements: Approximately 1-2 hours of homework each week between classes.

Investment: One-time payment of $800 or 3-monthly payments of $300/month

Send email inquires to

You can also contact Kim Grabovsky at 404-409-6361


Key Elements for Discovering "Your One Degree":

  1. The Scriptures provide principles, perspective, rules, and boundaries.  These function as objective truth and have absolute authority.  We need to rely on and submit to the Scriptures above all other resources/authorities.
  2. Surrender of our will--neutrality.  If we are willing to do what is right/true, whatever it is, we are ready to be shown. 
  3. Spirituality- wise counsel provides us checks and accountability to our thinking.  If we sincerely seek counsel from wise believers who have modeled an obedient life, we can save ourselves untold pain and missteps.  Don't try to sell our counselors on our ideas, just give them the untainted facts so they can skillfully guide us. 
  4. Circumstances- observe what God is already doing and how He is orchestrating events around us.  Obstacles don't necessarily indicate that a direction is not God's will for He often works to overcome obstacles.  It's important to observe patterns in what He's doing.  If we try to force solutions to obstacles, we will likely miss His guidance and timing.
  5. His Peace in our heart- the peace comes from an assurance that God is in control and has directed us.  Relief that a decision has either been made (prematurely) or deferred, shouldn't be confused with his peace.
  6. DESIGN-by answering the question "Who has God made me to be?" we can get significant insight into what God has been doing in our lives to prepare us for His purpose/mission for us.  DESIGN is a way of looking at the elements of our lives and determining what God's patterns (hints) are about why He put us each on the planet.  Understanding one's DESIGN is extremely helpful in getting focused, making decisions, and planning for the future based on a complete view of who we really are, not what we wish we were.  Our DESIGN can also function (in a similar way but lesser degree than the Scriptures) as an objective sounding board/filter for our decisions.

The DESIGN Process guides you to reflect on your life in a way that will give you more clarity in about six different areas/aspects of your life, your DESIGN.  Since the goal of Your One Degree is to guide you to conclusions upon which you can take definitive action, we feel it is vital that you take the time to carefully reflect on your life (not dwelling on negatives or failures), so that you have an ownership in and conviction about your conclusions.


Our Universal Purpose is to populate the earth and rule it.

Our General Christian Purpose- The Larger Story- is given to us in the Scriptures- principles, commands, and directives.  As we embrace the Scriptures more and more, it changes our lives--our values, beliefs, behaviors, relationships, etc. and leads us into an abiding relationship with Christ Jesus.  It sets the stage for us to discover our Particular Purpose.

Our Particular Purpose- Your One Degree, is how God wants YOU to live out the scriptures, how to personally fulfill your part in the Great Commission, for example, how to love your neighbors or glorify God at your workplace.  God plants within each of us a strong desire to discover and live out our Particular Purpose.  Within Our Story He has given us guidance for discovering and living out our individual Particular Purpose. 

Now let's introduce you to DESIGN.  We will uncover the following during the design process:

Drivers (Greens)- these are abilities you love to use because...

  1. they give you a deep sense of satisfaction
  2. you enjoy the results they produce
  3. using this ability naturally, energizes you
  4. you enjoy the roles you fulfill when you are using this ability

Yellows- abilities you may be good at but don't energize (They're neutral)

Reds- abilities that you can use, but they drain you (You tend to procrastinate them.)

Experiences- these are positive or negative experiences you've had in your family, work, service  or other areas of your life that seem to have prepared you to help individuals, groups, or organizations, i.e. because you've had these experiences you feel (and are) at least somewhat able to help, function, guide, counsel or be effective in an area.

Skills, talents, expertise- these are things which you like to do and do well (in your option) or have a strong knowledge of or expertise in.

Interests/Passions- these are the things about which you feel strongly and which regularly move you to learn more about or to take action;  they are often needs you like to meet.

Giftedness (spiritual gifts)- these are God-given enablements which have a spiritual impact on others, especially other Christians.  They are received at the time one places their faith in Christ.

Nature, personality- these are the traits and capacities which seem to be most predominant. They are positive ones in your life and which seem to be most used by God to accomplish things and help/enrich others.