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Miracles Abounding

So much to write today that I'm just going to list the miracles:

1.  The new service technician I saw at Lexus was awesome.  His name is Greg and he was born in Trinidad with Chinese descent.  He was super nice incredibly knowledgeable guy!  Gave me a discount on my service today.  I told him I was trying to save money so he told me exactly how to do that. 

a.  I had wind noise from my driver's side window so instead of paying $300 to replace the seal, he suggested I get the silicone caulking for my bathtub and patch up the broken seal with it.  He even showed me where it was.

b.  Told me that I needed my spark plugs changed next time and said he would throw in a free oil change if I got that done since it was going to cost $280 just for the spark plugs change.

c.  Fixed my creaky door for free by tightening a screw. 

d.  Told me about Anthony Bordain's show last night highlighting Filipino cuisine.

e.  Gave me a discount on today's service.

f.  Gave me a bottle of water on my way out.

g.  Called me with the kind of wood grain on my console after he found out the type from my VIN number. 

h.  Gave me his cell number if I had any questions.

2.  Super nice State Farm agent I talked to to report the mold damage in my laundry room.

3.  All the cars in Atlanta that waved me in today on the road. 

4.  The super nice guy from Service Master who came to dry out the flooded and moldy laundry room.

5.  The two super nice plumbers, Joe and Brandon who fixed the leak, gave me as many discounts as they possibly could, found me a tenant who is Brandon's Dad, and gave me referrals to fix the damage.

6.  Bill, Brandon's Dad, who is million miracles on his own.  He's ready to move in on Friday with $1000 rent in hand.  The first thing he told me on the phone was that he had been praying for this house.  He thought he had found the perfect house last week but it fell through. He said that now he knows why it did:  because God had something better in mind for house.  He knows landscaping people who can take care of the yard and has friends who can fix up the interior of the house.  His church is even a mile away. 

7.  Kosyta sending me an email that my Kindle was being shipped out.  This is earlier than expected.  What great news considering I love reading!

8.  Great conversations with Nai as always about how God is working miracles in our lives and how strong his presence is. 

9.  Lindsay and Richard inviting me and KG over Friday night for a game of scrabble. FUN!

10.  Mom and all the miracles happening in her life with prayers answered for her job.

11.  Scheduled lunch with Alison on Friday who I just miss!

12.  Great email exchange with cousin Kar about God working in our lives.

13.  Incredible Bible study on prayer this week.

14.  Incredible email from Jill about the power of prayer partners.

15.  Receiving a discount from my dentist this morning because I asked and because I don't have dental insurance.  No cavities and removing a tea stain! 

16.  Reading a chapter in The Success Principles on thinking as if everyone in the world is a part of a plot to enhance my well-being. 

17.  Sharing my joy about Buckhead Church to Brandon the plumber.

18.  Sharing the link to Buckhead Church's messages with Nai.

19.  Monica sharing with me "afformations."  Send me a message or call me if you want to know what this is.

20.  Leah helping me pick out just the right colors for cushions that "pop" on my couch.

21.  For my wonderful boyfriend, Kostya, who responds to all my emails and constantly shows his care for me. 

22.  For the prayer circle started with Nai and Mom.  We're praying for each other at 1pm EST.

23.  For my awesome Coach U class on "Spirituality" and my wonderful uplifting classmates.

24.  For God and the unceasing love, kindness, and blessings he flooded me with today. 

25.  For the wonderful lady at Moe's who offered me a bag to put my to go box in. 

26.  For the challenges of life to stand as a backdrop to highlight sublime miracles that happen every day. 

27.  For the cold so that I may appreciate warmth. 

I could go on and on but I'll stop here for now. 

Thank you God for the unending beautiful surprises that come from the most unexpected situations.  Thank you for your love, your glory, your magnificence, and your splendor!  I will praise you all the days of my life! 

Beautiful Merl


IMG_3732 (2)

Wow, well I thought it would be tough to keep a blog but with so many thoughts coming to my mind constantly, it's actually easier than I thought it would be.  Tonight I was talking on the phone with my friend Linda and her life is really exciting right now. She's going through so many changes all at once.  Linda owns a graphic and web design company,, and she just inherited her ex-boyfriend's dog Merl.  Merl and the indescribable love she has for Merl is changing her life.  Linda has been my friend since the 3rd grade so that makes it 23 years that we've known each other.  Currently she lives with her parents to save money.  Linda had built up some credit cards debt and so a few years ago, she made the decision to move back in with her parents in order to save money to follow a plan to pay off her debts.  I'm so proud of her for reaching this goal. 

Right now she's in a pivotal point in her business.  She just hired a sales rep. and is really ready to grow her business.  It has been Linda's dream in the last few months to have her own space back.  A place where she can spread her work out, decorate as she pleases, and do her work without anyone interrupting her.  This goal seemed a little far-fetched as she was working on saving some money first but Merl has changed all that.  Since she inherited Merl, she has to have a place for him to stay and her parents won't allow him to stay at their home.  So Linda has gone this weekend to look for her own place and she thinks she's found one.  It's a little scary since the added expense of living out on her own again is quite an undertaking but she's finding a way to make it happen. 

This is a great life lesson here.  On her own, Linda would have eventually moved out of her parents home once her business was generating more income and once she saved enough money.  But the pressure of keeping Merl and finding a place where she can keep him is such a strong force in her life that she's going ahead and finding a place of her own to move into next month.  She told me that she'll find the money somehow and she'll make it happen.  She has to make it happen.  It's amazing how easy it is to get things done when we have a compelling reason to make it happen.  She is committed to her dog and she WILL find a way to increase her income to keep her dog. 

This kind of reminds me of me.  It's so much easier for me to do things for other people than to do things for myself so I really need to find more ways of helping out others.  For Linda, without Merl, she wouldn't have moved out on her own so quickly.  Strange that she didn't think she was worth it but for Merl, she'll do anything.  She'll make anything happen.  So my question to you is, what's your compelling reason to make some major changes in your life that you've always wanted?  What motivates you?  What's your Merl? 

My Merl is helping others feel good about themselves.  It's about leading others to Christ and realizing the strength and peace that comes from believing in him.  There's POWER in His word.  John 15:7 says, "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given to you."

MERL (3)    

How I feel...

All my emotions are being evoked in this picture! It's absolutely stunning, calm, and serene but things are stirring... changes are about to happen. A lightning storm is about to light up the sky and the atmosphere is about to break out in amazing spectacle of flashes of light dancing in the dark following by the crackling of thunder and the melodic sound of a heavy downpour washing the atmosphere of anything that was there, clearing it and making it pure again. Ahhh... it's God... This picture represents my life and the masterpiece He is creating with it. It's edgy...slightly scary but overwhelmingly exciting, evoking all my senses.
Well, how's that for a start in my new blog.  I feel like this a time of new beginnings.  I'm slightly scared but overwhelmingly excited about my life.  Last May, I went on a mission trip that changed my life.  It helped me realize that I had a vision for everyone in my life but me.  You can read about this on my website at but it was a real turning point in my life to realize that my life was not a reflection of my vision or my innermost desires.  I didn't have purpose and I felt as helpless as a leaf floating down a river, being taken by the currents wherever I was taken.  Sometimes I would get stuck behind a rock and stay there for some time until a stronger current came to push me back into the middle of the stream or sometimes I would get caught between a bevy of different currents coming at me, fighting to take me down a path.  Sometimes I would end up in the shade and sometimes I had the sun beaming down my being but there was that feeling of uncertainty of no control, of floating down the river wherever the river took me.  It was easy for some time but it wasn't right.  I didn't want to be stuck under the sun when I wanted to be under the shade.  I didn't want to be stuck behind a rock when I wanted to feel the thrill of the rapids.  It's amazing what life throws at you.  My life today is a stark contrast of where it was a year ago.  Now I feel like a skilled kayaker rafting through level four and five rapids.  Well maybe not a "skilled" kayaker but a kayaker nonetheless with a paddle.  My vision for my life is the paddle that propels me forward into and through the rapids.  I can go just about any direction I want to go with my paddle, whether it's to rest in the calm shade or venture into the rapids.  It's so much more fulfilling being the kayaker than the leaf. 
Today, I'm reflecting back at my life in the past year and thinking about the lessons learned. This exercise is inspired by my book club which is currently reading "Your Best Year Yet."  The question from chapter 3 is:  What did I learn in the past year? 
1.  The more I give, the more I get. 
This lesson was learned from the mission trip to Ukraine.  I had the idea that I was going there to help others when in the end, I helped myself the most.
2.  I'm more motivating by doing things for others then doing things for myself. 
3.  People pay more attention to my actions than my words. 
They pay attention to what I do.  Knowing this I've come to realize it's more important to lead by example than to tell people how to live a good life. 
4.  That God is my everything. 
He is the source of all good, wisdom, and inspiration that come into my life.  He is the rock on which I stand.  Nothing can rock my world when I have my eyes fixated on him.  All glory be to God.
5.  I have to set my boundaries to protect myself from getting irritated at others.
6.  To ask for help when I need it. 
For a long time, I thought I did well as an independent person, to figure everything out on my own and not ask for help.  Was I wrong!  People all around me are valuable resources for support, encouragement, and inspiration in my life.  Being in communion with others has enriched and brought so much joy and wisdom to my life. 
7.  The Bible is fascinating. 
It's even more fascinating now that I've learned how to deconstruct the sentence structures to really be able to analyze the material to figure out the meaning. 
8.  There is power in groups and support teams for my life. 
9.  Life is better when I'm serving others instead of focusing on me.
10.  That I only apply about 5% of the information I take in from each book to my life. 
So in order to absorb more, I want to create discussions with others who are also interested in self-development books.