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Little things

Wow, I am so blessed.  I know I say that a lot but every time I say it, I say it with a sigh of disbelief.  Life is just so good that I'm surprised it's happening to me I guess.  What an awesome God I have to continue to shower me with joy.  What little thing set off my joy tirade?  The thank you letter I got in the mail from my dear friend Cindi.  She just had a baby 5 months ago and we were able to catch up for lunch 2 weeks ago so I could finally meet Chloe.  She is a jewel.  Anyway, the reason I'm so happy is that she thanked me for our lunch and my gift to her and Chloe but what really got to me was that she said that even though it's going to be a bit challenging getting together now with baby in tow, she wants to continue to make time to see each other and of course she said some other sweet things in her note.  It just meant so much to me that she knows it will be challenging to make time for each other but she still wants to make the effort.  That means a lot to me.  So, I put that note down and picked up the next note from my friend Megan.  Megan who was probably the first to see this blog :-) The consummate encourager and cheerleader... the reason I started my blog.  And there's a beautiful thank you note from her for taking care of her precious dog, Baylee for the weekend.  I love Baylee!  We had so much fun together.  I should be writing Megan a thank you note for allowing me the presence of her dog.  If I had a dog just like Baylee, I could handle being a dog owner.  She is the MOST well behaved dog.  She is sweet, loving, obedient, and protective all at the same time.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and would gladly dog sit again. 

Now, I'm on a roll.  There's pattern that I see.  It's the lesson I had learned from last year.  The more I give the more I receive.  Yesterday I met with my friend Geri to create a mind map of her ideas to sort them out and get a visual of her thoughts.  She gave me the best feedback of her experience.  She suggested I put together a summary of our discussion, create a follow up for accountability, suggest any corrections that needs to be made on her path, and ask what's it worth to her.  It's brilliant!  She's an idea gal!  Anyway, I can't say this enough...the more I give, the more I get.  Last week my college roommate, Dominique, came into town and we had a blast.  I got to experience the new coke museum with her and followed a driving tour around Atlanta that I never would have experienced if she hadn't come.  She met my friends, attended life coaching classes over the phone with me, as well as attended my bible training class.  We had a really great week.  And the most surprising and unexpected thing I heard her say was that I had a really great life with a supportive community and wonderful friends. It's the way she said it.  She paused before she said it and it was delivered in a reflective and deliberate way. It's just... my life... that I don't stop to think about how great it is sometimes.  She really blessed me by acknowledging the gifts all around me.  It's the community and that people around me that make it so great.  It's awesome. I leave you with this.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." -Leo F. Buscaglia (American guru, tireless advocate of the power of love 1924-1998.)


The spark

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Wow, what an incredible day! 

This morning I went to the Georgia Coaches Association meeting where Laura Berman Fortgang was speaking.  In case you don't know her, she's author of 3 great books, Take Yourself to the Top, Now What: 90 Days to a New Life Direction, and Living Your Best Life.  My friend Nai had mentioned her a couple of times to me so I knew she must be big.  Anyway, remember from a previous entry that one of the lessons I learned last year was that the more I give the more I get?  Well, I volunteered to greet people at the GCA and I had to get there early but what payback I got for doing that.  I met the most wonderful people. On top of that Viki asked me if I could help Laura sell her books by processing credit card orders.  What an opportunity to work alongside with the keynote speaker!  So, that was fun!  I met a whole bunch of really cool people who I sold books to.  Additionally, I bought the Living Your Best Life book and Laura signed it for me:  "Kim, thank you and best of luck!  Laura."  That was cool.  When I got home I realized that I already owned her other book Now What? but just hadn't read it. 

Anyway, Laura is a phenomenal speaker!  She is so animated and so real.  I love that she brought spirituality into her talk.  She said that when she first started coaching, she was all about the results.  Her first book Take Yourself to the Top represents this.  She was focused on getting her clients to take action and move.  But since 911 happened, her focused has shifted to how does one get more meaning and fulfillment in their life.  Her latest book coming out in April is called The Little Book on Meaning. Some key points that I picked up from her talk include:

1.  When you're making decisions, find out if you're coming from a place of love or fear.  If it's fear, shift or re-frame your thoughts to come from one of love.

2.  When starting coaching, have a reserve of money in the bank so that you have no attachment to money when you're looking for clients.  When you have a reserve, you can coach "cleanly."  This can apply to so many things in life.  It's a great idea to have reserves in different parts of your life. 

3.  The distinction between ministry and coaching.  Ministry is just "being" with someone without an agenda... no questions, no listening for the gap, etc.  It's about just being there for someone without any expectations of taking them anywhere emotionally. 

4.  She talked about putting meaning and significance to your work.  She defined meaning as a state of consciousness when you are connected to someone or something.  How can you make your work meaningful?

5.  That we are in a "spiritual crisis." 

It was awesome!  Also at the meeting, Emily, my co-chair for organizing mastermind groups for GCA, and I made an announcement about our vision for the groups.  There were so many people interested that I can't wait to get them set up on the collectivex website to start forming those groups and raise everyone's level! 

After the meeting, I had a lunch meeting scheduled for Coach U alumni.  What a wonderful group of women!!!  The ideas and inspiration that come from other coaches is electrifying!  Sonya was telling us about a book called, Wishcraft, which is about getting what you want out of life and realizing that you need a support team to do that.  Then she told us that this author wrote about having an "idea party" in which you do "barn raising."  This is when one person has an idea and other people work together collectively to help develop their idea.  She said that this author does this on Twitter.  Well, this of course was one of the coolest things I've ever heard.  I want to have an "idea party" in which to develop people's ideas.  Heck, I want to have a create a vision board party.  This stuff excites to the nth degree.  It was just so awesome to "be" with these strong women.  I had been looking for this community and if I hadn't started it, none of it would have been possible.  How glorious God works! 

I called up my friend Nai today to tell her about Laura and share my terrific day with her and she just is the cherry on top.  She was just as excited about my day as I was.  She really gets me and understands and I am so blessed to have her as a friend.  Nai and I are in book club in which we're reading Your Best Year Yet, and today reminded me of a quote from there that describes what I've been going through.  It goes:

"It often happens that I wake up at night and begin to think about a serious problem and decide I must tell the Pope about it.  Then I wake up completely and remember that I am the Pope." -Pope John XXIII

This is hilarious because that's what I've feel like.  For so many years, I've complained about this or that.  Why doesn't someone start a book club for self-help books?  Why doesn't someone start a Coach U alumni chapter?  Why doesn't someone start a mastermind group for subjects I'm interested in? Why hasn't anyone done this kind of stuff? I need it.  I feel so alone and I want the support. And then one day I create the book club, the mastermind group, the alumni chapter and my life is in bliss.  I wake up and realize that I was the Pope and I didn't know it.  Funny how that happens.  I had everything I needed to make it happen all along and didn't realize it. It kind of reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. It seems like something I needed for myself also served many others.  So, it is through serving that we are served.  What a great lesson.

So my question to you is, what are you waiting for?  What are YOU waiting for?  What do you wish someone else would start?  What do you wish someone else would invent?  Why not be the spark that lights the first candle from which others can light theirs illuminating the world with the collective brilliance of lights? 

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