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Life Lessons from Texas Football

Football season is a comin'...Hook 'em HORNS!  And along with it are life lessons. 

Here's an article about Longhorn Football from the LA Times by Chris Dufrense. For the full article, go to:,0,5919975.story?track=rss

Reporting from Austin, Texas - A tree stump could pick Florida No. 1 -- we get it.

Everybody loves Raymond and the Gators. So why Texas?

Think of it as déjà Bevo.

The clincher is a story told by a nice young man wearing Harry Potter glasses while standing in the hallway outside Texas' weight room/military industrial complex.

Hard to believe it was Colt McCoy, the team's superstar fifth-year senior quarterback, but he had a student ID card to prove it.

McCoy was a redshirt freshman standing next to quarterback Vince Young on the Rose Bowl sidelines in January 2006 when, in the climactic plot twist to one of college football's all-time page-turners, Texas stopped USC on fourth and two with two minutes left in the Bowl Championship Series title game.

The Longhorns trailed, 38-33.

"I was in the huddle and the coaches were telling him the play before he runs out," McCoy recalled. "I'm there with the clipboard, writing down the plays. Vince said, 'Hey, here we go; it's time to roll.' "

McCoy said Young then looked him square in the eye and said: "You'll be in this position some day. Do what I do."

Young drove the Longhorns 56 yards in 10 plays, scoring the game-winning touchdown on a fourth-down run with seconds remaining.

Texas won, 41-38.


Look, listen, learn.  Learn from your mentors.  Learn from people you admire.  Learn from the best.  Find the people who you aspire to be and watch what they do.  You'll be in their position one day and do what they do. 

Who in your life do you want to aspire to be like?  What kind of plays is this person making with their life?  Won't you ask them to be your mentor?

I just found a mentor myself.  She is levels above me and when I met her, I instantly became a better person.  Being around her awoke the sleeping giant that lay within me.  She inspired something in me that I didn't know existed. This woman is amazing!  She is successful, dynamic, and she travels all over the world coaching individuals, teams, and leaders.  She's the type of person who commands your presence.  She has a vast range of influence from the community that she's impacted.  I am so excited at thought of being in her position someday as Colt McCoy looking to Vince Young.  It's time to roll!

You can't do this life alone.  I love this quote from Isaac Newton.

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

-Letter to Robert Hooke, February 5, 1675

Who are your giants?  Will you take bold action and ask them to mentor you in order to impact your team, your world, your fellow man?