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Effortless Success Daily Review


What a fabulous week this has been for me!  I got coached 5 times this week because it happened to be the week for all my buddy coaches to coach me and it has really been powerful.  I highly urge those of you who don't have a coach to get one if you want to take your life to the next level.  I've learned so many incredible life lessons this week that I will leverage to propel me forward.

Anyway, last week I got Jack Canfield's latest program called "Effortless Success" and I want to share with you a powerful meditation called "The Daily Review" that I will incorporate into my life at the end of every day.  Below are excerpts from his program:

At the end of each day, take the time to close your eyes, you go inside and ask yourself a series of questions.  What happens is that the answers come from your unconscious.  We can sit and think consciously about our day or we close our eyes,  get relaxed and trust that there’s a deeper part of our self  that’s been paying attention to the day and is aware of what’s been happening, what we’ve been experiencing at a deeper level then it can bring up for us things that we need to look at that were places perhaps where we weren’t on purpose, we weren’t aligned with our vision, we weren’t expressing our qualities that we’re committed to things like love, joy, peace, and patience, whatever it might be that we’re working on and it shows us where we got off course.  Then what we do is after we see that, we ask ourselves “What is it that I could have done?”  “How could I have done it better if I had been totally conscious and 100% intentional at that moment?”  What that does is that it lays a blueprint for the next day so the next time I experience that kind of event, I have an experience of oh, I’ve been here before, I want to do it this way this time.  I’m wiser now because I’ve harvested the wisdom from my experience.  The reason the daily review is so powerful and useful is illustrated in the following story.   

Imagine that you were a farmer and you plow the fields in the spring and you put on the fertilizer, you plant the seeds, you irrigate the fields, you weed everything and make sure the bugs don’t eat your plants, and then harvest time comes and you just sit in your house and don’t harvest.  At the end of the day  we want to harvest the wisdom and the insights from a higher source about how we can do it better and how can keep improving so we’re moving into a sense of evolution and growth that we want. 

 Effortless Success Daily review:


1.  Close your eyes and relax.  Observe thoughts coming with each breath in and and falling away with each breath out.

2.  Be aware of yourself as the observer, the witness, being aware of your feelings. 

3.  Bring to your consciousness thoughts and images of any achievements and successes you’ve had throughout your day.  You can include the actions you took, and the things you accomplished, as well as the qualities of being that you successfully brought throughout the day.  Acknowledge each success by saying:  I did…. I made 10 phone calls today.  I succeeded in staying on my diet today.  So go ahead now and remember and acknowledge all the little victories and successes as well as the big ones. 

4.  Now let yourself go back and ask your unconscious mind, please show me any moments or events during the day when I was out of alignment with my purpose, my intentions, or my chosen way of being.  Please show me scenes from my day when I could have been more effective at being who I am in creating what I want.   And please remember that you were doing the best that you can with the awareness that you have.  And every time you are doing this exercise, your awareness is expanding.  And after each event that you recall, take a few seconds to imagine how you would have preferred to have acted had you been more fully conscious, intentional, and on purpose at the time.  Visualize how you could have been more effective in terms of expressing who you really are in terms of expressing who you really are and creating more of what you most deeply want. 

5.  And as you bring this process of reviewing your day to a close, just allow your unconscious mind to give you one positive uplifting thought or insight of all your experiences today that you can take with you into the new start of your day tomorrow.

6.  And now keeping that positive uplifting thought clearly in your mind, begin to bring your awareness slowly back to your breathing as you become aware of the rise and fall of your stomach and chest as you continue to breath in and out. 


What I experienced after I did this exercise is that I accomplish a lot more than I give myself credit for each day.  It feels good to acknowledge all my wins and supports me in building my confidence.  And one of the big lessons I learned yesterday is from a coach who I'm partnering with for a presentation.  She asked, "What kind of atmosphere do we want to create with our presentation?  How do we want everyone to feel who comes into our circle?"  I've never thought about the atmosphere I want to create for others.  I just thought this was brilliant.  I was already thinking about the logistics of what we were going to cover, our process, and the mechanics of everything.  I was working on the "doing" piece while she wanted to establish the "being" piece.  Well, I wanted to create an atmosphere that was warm and inviting.  She agreed and added that she wanted for us to create a supportive learning environment filled with collaboration.  This is a huge learning experience for me.  Instead of looking at my to-do list every day, I'm going to ask myself, "How do I want to feel as I go throughout my day?  What kind of atmosphere do I want to create today in my life?  How do I want others to feel when they're around me?  I want my day to flow with ease and grace and enjoy every drop of it instead of the typical rush I am in to get through it.  My life starts today as an artist and my life is a canvas.  What will I create today? :-)  What will you? 

Following the spirit

Today was a very interesting today.  I got up, prayed, and prioritized my to-do list for the day.  About mid morning I went to the shoe repair place to pick up some shoes that I had repaired.  I just really like some of my shoes and had a few heels replaced.  I feel like through it I'm doing my little part in recycling.  Anyway, I was a little hungry afterwards so I decided to go find lunch and let the spirit lead me today.  I've had so many spiritual blessings lately that I'm encouraged to let God work through my life.  The spirit led me to a Japanese restaurant which had a Chiropractic clinic right next to it.  I had some tightness in my neck and decided to go in to get adjusted.  I walked in and met Mary.

This is where the spirit really kicks in. Mary's practice is a spiritually centered one in which she believes the body can itself because it has a divine intelligence, ie. God.  She explained her whole process and I felt very comfortable.  The more she talked, the more in line I felt with her spirit.  It was no accident that we were brought together.  She told me that she works with other wellness professionals including personal trainers and together they go into corporate buildings and set up tables to support the people there.  She asked me if I had interest in joining her group.  I thought it was a fabulous idea!  She also told me that a few of her clients need life coaching so she would tell them about me.  After my adjustment, I told Mary that I was going next door to the Japanese restaurant.  She told me it was closed for lunch but sent me to an great pizza place called "Vinny's."  I had a great lunch and then went back home.  At home, I decided to go into my prayer room and pray again.  I looked outside the window and was drawn to go outside.  To my surprise, outside my door was Jack Canfield's "Effortless Success" program I just purchased.  I'm so excited about it!  That was my surprise for going outside.  I took that in and went back on my front porch to just take in the beauty of God.  The weather was incredible today.  The temperature was perfect, not too cool and not too hot.  I was mesmerized by the clouds.  I watched the big puffy white clouds moving across the most delightful backdrop of a sky blue sky like an ocean liner moving steadily through the Caribbean Ocean.  The sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze was soothing to my soul.  My neighbor, in his early 20's, about to mow his lawn saw me staring at the sky and asked me if I was alright.  Yes, I replied, just enjoying clouds and the beauty around.  We had a pleasant conversation and he apologized for the intrusion of my peace with his lawn mower.  It was fine though.  I had my fill and really enjoyed it. It's been a really peaceful day :-)