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Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can make it better.


Below are notes I took from a Tony Robbins youtube video.  Great stuff!  Enjoy!

Watch the video here:

How do you learn language?  Through immersion.  You learn by doing.

You didn’t learn it by just learning principles, you got in it and you did it so often that it became real.

I’m the “why” guy.  I’m the why do you do what you do.  What is your motive for action?  What is it that drives you and your life today and not 10 years ago or are you running the same pattern? Because I believe that the internal force of internal drive activates as the most important thing in the world.  I’m here because I believe that emotion is the force of life.  With our minds, we can rationalize anything we can make anything happen.

You don’t work into your self interest all the time.  When emotion comes into it, the wiring changes in the way it functions.  It’s wonderful to think about how the world is but what I really want to know is what’s driving you.

Explore where you are today so that:

1.  You can contribute more

2.  We can understand and appreciate others more and create the kinds of connections that can stop some of the challenges we face in our society today.

Obsession:  What makes a difference in the quality of people’s lives?

What is it that is shaping that person’s ability to contribute and to go beyond themselves?

The art of fulfillment is rarely mastered.  It’s about’s about appreciation and contribution.  You can only feel so much about yourself. 

The question you have to ask yourself is what is it that shapes us? 

We live in a therapy culture in that we are our past.  Biography equals destiny. The past equals the future.

Decision is the ultimate power. 

If you ask people why they fail to achieve something…. You get excuses but that’s not the defining factor.  The defining factor is never resources, it’s resourcefulness.  If you get the right emotion, you can do anything.  This is the ultimate resource. 

What determines your resources?  We said decisions shape destiny. What determines it is 3 decisions. 

1.  What are you going to focus on? Consciously or unconsciously? The minute you decide to focus on something, you have to give it a meaning. And whatever that meaning is produces an emotion. Is the end or the beginning? Is God punishing me or rewarding me or is this the roll of the dice? An emotion then creates what we’re going to do or the action. 

The history of the world is these decisions.  When a woman stands up and says no, I won’t go to the back of the bus, she just didn’t affect her life. That decision shaped our culture. Or someone standing in front of a tank.  Or being in a position like Lance Armstrong and someone says to you, you have testicular cancer. That’s pretty tough for any male especially when you ride a bike.  You got it in your brain.  You’ve got it in your lungs.  But what was his decision on what to focus on? Different from most people.  What did it mean?  It wasn’t the end, it was the beginning.  What am I going to do?  He goes off and wins 7 championships he never won once before the cancer because he got emotional fitness, psychological strength.     

What shapes Lance and what shapes you?  2 invisible forces

1.  State of mind- emotional/physical

2.  Our model of the world shapes us long-term. Your model of the world is the filter.  It’s the shaper of meaning, emotion, and action.

This is made up of 3 parts:

1.  What your target?  What are you after?  Needs (6 human needs)

2.  What your map?  What your belief system of how to get those needs?  Some people think a way to get those needs is to destroy the world and some people think it’s to build something, create something, love someone.

3.  The fuel you pick


1.  Certainty

2.  Variety

3.  Significance- We all need to feel important, special, unique. You can get it by making more money, being more spiritual.  The fastest way to do this is if you have no background, no culture, and no belief in resources is violence.  IF you put a gun to someone’s head, it’s instant significance.

4.  Connection and Love- Intimacy, friendship, prayer, walking in nature, or get a dog.

5.  You must grow- to give something of value.

6.  To contribute beyond ourselves

7.  Emotion

Tony’s Thanksgiving story

11 years old, no money, no food, father totally messed up and mother telling father how bad he had messed up.

Father made 3 decisions: 

1.  His focus was this is charity. What does it mean?  I’m worthless.  What am I going to do? Leave my family which he did. 

Tony’s  decision gave him a different path.

There’s food, what a concept.  Father always said that no one cares.  What does this mean?  Stranger’s care.  What am I going to do?  Make a difference.  At 17, he went out and fed 2 families, next year 4, then 8.  Now 18 years later, they’ve fed 2 million people in 35 countries through his foundation. 

Proud of human beings because they get excited to contribute once they have the chance to experience it and not talk about it. 

Second piece is the map, the operating system of how you get there. 

Emotion- 6,000 emotions that we have words for in the English language.  People experience less than 12.   

When do people really start to live?  When they face death. 

Every day give your all, love your all, and don’t let anything ever stop you. 

9/11 happened.  What are you going to focus on?  If you didn’t lose someone today, your focus is going to be how to serve someone else.  Angry people get angry, guilty people feel guilty, and sad people get sad.

Explore your web…your needs, beliefs, the emotions that are controlling you for 2 reasons:

1.  So there’s more of you to give.

2.  So you can appreciate, not just understand, what’s driving other people. 



Good morning!  I HAVE to share stories of people with great attitudes I've been blessed to be around this past couple of weeks.  It's been a reccuring theme I have noticed in my life ever since we covered the chapter on attitude in John Maxwell's Developing the Leader Within You in my book club.  Here's a quote in the book that sums it up:

The pessimist complains about the wind.

The optimist expects it to change.

The leader adjusts the sails.

Yesterday my dad called me and it was pleasant surprise.  We don't talk very often since he lives in the Philippines but when we do talk it's really fun.  He had extra minutes on a calling card he used to call my sister last month on her birthday and he decided to use his remaining minutes on me.  He called at the perfect time too which was just after Dancing with the Stars.  Anyway, he brought up that he really enjoyed reading my website (I guess my blog) because it provides positive inspiration for him, and at times, practical steps on how to do that.  My first thought was COOL, someone reads my blog besides Megan Weldon, who was encourager to even first start blogging.  And my second thought was WOW, something I created (God put in me) was helpful to someone near and dear to me.  How wonderful is that! 

My dad said that as he's getting older, he actually has become more negative.  He worries about things that he used to not worry about before.  Little things will make his blood pressure rise so it's helpful for him to read my blog entries.  Thanks Papa! 

So, here's this week's list of top 5 great inspirational attitudes:

1.  A realtor, Thompson, who I met with yesterday to talk about what to do with one of my investment properties.  He was full of positivity about my situation.  I was feeling all sorry for myself for the time it would complete to do the renovations before I could get a renter in there and Thompson offered me a fresh perspective.  He said that I wouldn't want someone moving in around Thanksgiving anyway because people don't typically move around that time unless they're desperate so it's a good time to renovate and I could have someone in there for the new year.  He said I could go ahead and put a sign in front of the house advertising that it's going through renovations and that it will be for rent soon.  He also had some creative ideas to get tenants from placing ads looking for roommates and pairing up college students to looking at the housing wanted section of Craig's list.  He just got me started.  One he got me thinking this way, I can thinking a million other ways to make this happen.  This is just one of the many  examples of Thompson's positive attitude.  Thanks, Thompson, for getting me thinking positively about my situation. 

2.  Dad from our conversation last night.  He provided with positive inspiration by telling me that he starts his prayers every night by praying about me and then everyone else on his list.  He prays over each person's house and car for protection and travel mercies.  He prays for the other drivers so they don't hit us on the road.  That's pretty detailed I think to be praying for other drivers.  I know this is why I'm safe in my car.  God knows how many close calls I've had when I'm in my car.  It's the powerful prayers from my dad, mom, and sister specifically praying for my driving that is the insurance that keeps me safe.  He told me many positive inspirational things but another one I'll share is how he helped his friend whose son was seriously ill and hospitalized for a cyst in his throat.  He became partially paralyzed and had to eat from a feeding tube.  His friend could not afford to pay for medial bills so my dad gave him what money he could to support him.  Once people heard about my dad supporting him, it began a cascading effect that started a fundraising campaign.  From that, his friend ended up with over 20 times the amount that my dad originally gifted.  It reminded me of the book, The Tipping Point.  One person just has to start.  If one person starts the ripple effect of positive change, the effects are astounding!

3.  My friend Mariana and her email to our friend Nai who is in pain after back surgery.  This was incredibly touching to me. 



I am praying hard for you. And when I pray, I know your pain will be gone soon, I can see that. I can see you with a big smile, sometimes laying on the grass, sometimes laying on the beach. Always looking at the sky. Thinking of the different shapes in the clouds, thanking God that the pain is over, and that you have so much to thank Him for. I can see you smelling the ocean and feeling the breeze in your face. And you smile is still there. And the sun is still hugging you.


Nai, smell the ocean, the grass, the beach, feel the wind in your face, and keep smiling. You are such a strong woman!!!





4.  My friend Beth who is an incredibly Godly woman.  This woman does so much for others it's amazing.  She has a full time job at a law firm, coaches women who got out of domestic violence situations, and volunteers as a HOPE mentor at our church.  God continues to bless her with resources and the strength to support others.  She's a powerful light in my book.  We've been trading emails back and forth this week and she wrote one little line that really encouraged me.  She created the vision for what could be possible.  She wrote:  "Take care of you and believe that God is going to give you favor and clarity around your real estate property renovations."  I love that!  I believe that!  What a wonderful seed she planted in my mind. 

5.  Dr. Caroline Leaf.  This weekend, I volunteered at the God's Love at Work conference and watched this speaker who studies the brain.  She wrote a book called Who Switched Off My Brain that sounds completely fascinating.  She said that nearly 95% of the illnesses that plague our lives are a direct result from our thought life.  What we think about affects us physically and emotionally so it's paramount to watch our thoughts.  The average person has over 30,000 thoughts a day so an uncontrolled thought life filled with negativity often results in illnesses.  When we learn to control our thoughts and to think about things spoken in Philippians 4:8, our brain chemistry actually effects change in our whole body chemistry making us physically healthier.

So, my coaches challenge for you this week is to pay attention to your attitude.  Attitude is a choice.  When the wind is so strong, about to blow you down, will you complain and be beaten?  Or will you adjust your sails and harness its awesome power, allowing you to glide smoother and faster through the great beyond?

I leave you with Philippians 4:8

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Sending positively wonderful thoughts your way. I hope you're feeling this.