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Are You Feeling Stuck?


Are you feeling stuck in your life right now?  It's as if you've hit a certain level in life and you can't move past that.  Have you tried calling a friend to get advice?  Chances are that you know someone who has been where you are now and can help you out.  Whether you've started a new business or are a new mom or started a new job, you probably know someone who has been where you are.  Are you leveraging the people around you? 

There's a story of a father who wants to teach his son a lesson.  He asks his son to dig out a stump in the back yard and he tells him that as soon as he's done, he can come in a join the rest of the family for pizza.  The son goes digging for about an hour before his father checks on him.  The father says, son why aren't you giving it your all?  The son says, I am.  I am trying really hard.  The father goes back in and after another 20 minutes he calls out to his son, Son why aren't you giving it all your strength, you're holding up the whole family?  The son says, I'm trying my hardest.  Finally the father lets him in on a little secret.  Son, he said, you haven't used all your strength.  You haven't asked anyone in the house for help. 

Who do you know around you who can help you out with your current challenge?  Are you using all your resources?  Part of your personal strength is ALL your people around you.  You'll get faster results when you ask for help.  Collaboration is key in the this world.

What are you going to ask for support with?  Who are are you going to ask?

One Step at a Time


One Step at Time by Jordan Sparks

Hurry up and wait
So close, but so far away
Everything that you've always dreamed of
Close enough for you to taste
But you just can't touch

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you're feeling more and more frustrated
And you're getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen when it's
Supposed to happen and we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time

You believe and you doubt
You're confused, you got it all figured out
Everything that you always wished for
Could be yours, should be yours, would be yours
If they only knew

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you're feeling more and more frustrated
And you're getting all kind of impatient waiting

When you can't wait any longer
But there's no end in sight
when you need to find the strength
It's your faith that makes you stronger
The only way you get there
Is one step at a time

Do You Have Your Financial Goals Written Down?


Do you have your financial goal written down?  I must admit it's been a while since I've actually set financial goals.  My focus for the last few years of my life has been around improving life, emotional well being, and coaching skills and now I'm ready again to set financial goals.

I actually just typed up my 1-month, 1-year, and 5-year financial goals for my business.  Do you have yours written down somewhere.  There's something very powerful about taking it from your head space and transferring somewhere concrete where you can see it. 

Below are a few tips I have on setting financial goals:

1.  Record your goal 

Write it down or record it somewhere.  Make sure that the numbers you record get you excited and give you energy.  Make it so that every time you look at it you want to take action on it.  Watch out if it's too low that it doesn't get you excited to take action or if it's too high that you don't even feel like going for it.  Play with some numbers and see how your body reacts to it.  Adjust the numbers until you feel really good about them.  Write out the desirable numbers that draw you forward in your life. 

2.  Chunk it down 

If you set an annual income goal you'd like to make, chunk it down to as small a step as possible.  For example, if you want to make 100k/year, figure out how much that is a month.  That is $8,333.33/month.  Now break that down into a weekly income.  That's $1,923.08/week.   Let's say you want to work 20 hours a week.  That is about $96.15/hour.  So to make it easy, if you want to work 20 hours a week and make 100k/year, your hourly rate will be about $100/hour.  The more granular, the better. 

3.  Design support structures and systems

What beliefs or resources will you need to have in order to reach your financial goals?  Do you believe it's possible or doubt yourself?  What skills will you need to upgrade to reach these goals?  What else do you need in your envirnoment to reach these goals?  What obstacles do you anticipate and what structures can you put in place to overcome them?  Who can support you?  Design your financial environment so that you have a wealth team.  Do you need a bookkeeper, CPA, insurance advisor, real estate advisor, or coach?  Take a look at the systems and people you have in place and ask if they are inspiring you or expiring you.  Put together the plan, people, and resources that will support you in living your ideal life. 

Obstacles to Taking Action

Action alert 

Does anyone else out there have in common with me the challenge of taking action sometimes?  I just got out of a class covering this topic and I wanted to take "action" right away by writing about it to integrate my learning.  I hope it provides you with value as well.

Here's the crux of it:

People are more likely to act their way into thinking than think their way into acting.  For this reason, let your action change your thinking.

What a wake-up call!  I am such a thinker.  I think about thinking.  I spend a lot of time thinking about changing my thinking so that I can motivated to take action.   Paralysis by analysis is what I think it's called.   I often find myself trying to talk myself into doing things I think I should want to do but don't.   Once I was so frustrated with my procrastination that I researched articles on why people procrastinate and then I went out and bought a few books on it to help me understand this procrastination monster even better just so I could stop procrastinating and get into action.   It's silly now that I read what I just typed. 

Well, I am turning over a new leaf.   I will set my intentions on taking action first and let the thinking and feeling follow later.  It seems so much more productive than my current modus operandi.  It's just like what Stephen Covey says in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  He says that "love" is a verb.  You can't sit around and wait until you feel love for someone to act on love.  He says to take action to show love even though you don't feel loving because the feelings and thoughts follow the actions.  Genuis! 

So, here is a list of obstacles that keep people from taking action:

1.  Procrastination

2.  Perfectionism

3.   Lack of confidence

4.  Analysis paralysis

5.  Not motivated

6.  Not committed

7.  Poor priorities

8.  Unorganized

9.  Overwhelmed

10.  Fear

There's so many more but this is a good start. 

Here's a 3 step process that will get you into action:

1.  Take your current situation and identify the obstacle to the action.  

2.  Ask what action do I have to take to change that thinking?

3.  Act on it. 

For me I procrastinate getting organized sometimes.  What action do I have to take to change my thinking?  Just do it!  Organize without the drama of my thoughts trying to talk me out of it.  I'll have to put my brain on pause and let my body take the action.   That's it!  Sounds so easy!  I'm doing it!  Let me know how it works for you.

Simple things that bring me joy


What simple pleasures in life bring you joy?  Won't you indulge yourself today.

Here are a few of mine:

1.  Getting lost in a gorgeous flower

2.  Reconnecting with old friends

3.  Listening to music that makes my heart sing

4.  Singing around the house

5.  Dancing

6.  Feeling my bare feet on the cool grass

7.  Creating music either with the guitar, piano, and/or my voice

8.  Learning just about anything new

9.  Seeing art

10.  Empowering women through self-awareness

11.  Talking to other coaches about what's inspiring them

12.  Nutella milkshakes with roasted marshmellows from Flip Burger

13.  Holding my honey's hand

14.  Meeting new people and learning about them

15.  Taking deep breaths

16.  Watching and listening to the wind as it shuffle's through the trees

17.  Having nothing I have to do

18.  Silence

19.  Self-awarness  

20.  Hugs

21.  Tubing down a lazy river