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50 Ways to Make More Money!!!


Yesterday I had the good fortune of attending a business building seminar that my friend Monica McPherrin of invited me to. This is one of the reason's why it's important to have the right people in your network;  They can help enhance your life by inviting to cool events.

We attended Fabienne Fredrickson's Client Attraction workshop.  You can find more information about her at . In a nutshell, the workshop was about analyzing your limiting beliefs and changing your mindset. It's about taking a look at the excuses you have in your life and uncovering the deeply rooted beliefs that hold you back from really being your best. Once you identify them, you can then change your beliefs to empowering ones.

Fabienne said that one of the reasons why most people don't invest enough money into their personal growth and development is because we tell ourselves that we can't afford it. We can't pay $15,000 a year to join that high-end mastermind group. We don't have the $5,000 for that conference or retreat that could really could take our life to the next level. We don't have money for that coach to support us in becoming more of our authentic, pure, and powerful self. The truth is that we have way too many excuses for not having the things we truly want in our lives. And at the same token, if you really wanted something, you would find a way to get it.

The gem she gave us in overcoming these excuses, is the '50 Ways' exercise. If there's something that you want and you say you can't afford it, sit down in front of your computer or with pen and paper and write at the top '50 opportunities available to me right now to pay for ( _______ ).'  Now, brainstorm and make a list. What opportunities are right under your nose that have been there all along?  What's in your life that you have not been taking advantage of? Write down at least 50 things. And better yet, surpass that number. Don't stop at 15 or 32 or 49. Go until you get to at least 50. This opens your mind up to the possibilities and gets your creative juices flowing. For the purpose of yesterday's event, we were to make a list of '50 opportunities available to me right now to grow my business.' I personally did this exercise last night and found it to be quite encouraging that there are so many opportunities.

This exercise works for anything and everything. Your '50' exercise could be:

1.  50 ideal jobs I could be doing.

2.  50 ways to show my spouse I love them.

3.  50 dream destination spots.

4.  50 things that would make my life ideal.

5.  50 ways to make more money.

After you make your list, circle the top 6-9 items that will:

1.  Produce the greatest results in the shortest period of time.

2.  Take the least amount of effort.

3.  Have the greatest, positive, long-term impact.

Try it and let me know how it works out for you. You'll be glad you did :-) Happy Creating!!!

Ps. Don't forget to take immediate action on your top 3 and do it with a buddy while you're at it. Accountability and the fun of having someone alongside you, supporting you, goes a long way.

A Wedding Wish for Maricar and Stephen

Kar's wedding 7.3.11 131 

Dearest Maricar and Stephen,

With pure hearts and open minds you embrace a new life together, one as husband and wife.  And what an adventure and a privilege it is!  It was described to us in a marriage retreat that marriage is like sailing a boat in that it will go into 3 seasons.  Much like sailing when you have a strong steady breeze pushing you along, you’ll have times in your marriage when things are going so smoothly.  Life together is a smooth as sailing off together into the sunset.  Life seems pretty effortless and rewarding.  Your relationships, careers, and lives will be great.   Enjoy what God has given you and be grateful for these times.  Then there will be times on your sailboat when you have no wind and you boat is at a standstill.  These are the times in your marriage when things seem so quiet in your lives that you don’t feel like you’re moving or making progress.  Your life together is comfortable, predictable, may even feel a little bit boring.  Be grateful for these times as God is providing you shelter.  Use this time wisely for reflection on your life and for preparation for the next stage in your life.  Enjoy what God has given you and be grateful for these times.  And finally there are times when a sailboat enters a storm.  When your marriage enters the unexpected turbulence of life, hold on to each other tightly.  Know your priorities and focus on that.   These are the times when your relationship will experience the most growth.  And after weathering a great storm together, you will have formed a new bond, much like another growth ring on a tree, another layer strengthening your story, another adventure together in your walk of life.  Enjoy what God has given you and be grateful for these times.  Be grateful in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  Maricar and Stephen, may God continue to bless your lives with love, laughter, friendships, and a rich depth that only the two of you can experience together.  Thank you for weaving us into your unfolding love story.  We are honored to celebrate a new chapter in your lives with you.  We love with ALL of our being and will cherish this enchanting time with you forever!  Congratulations on your new beginning as husband and wife! 

Love always,

Kim and Kostya