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The Power of Meditation


This past weekend I attended an event called "The Power of Meditation" with Ilchi Lee, the found of Dahn Yoga.  Below are notes I took that I believe will help you to improve your life.
Key points:
  • Meditation and brain exercises are helpful for connecting the mind to the body.  Yoga means to remove the barrier between the mind and body so that they operate as one.  It's full consciousness so that we don't live life just in our heads most of the time. 
  • The reason we under perform is because of anxieties and fears.  Meditation centers us and keeps us from getting anxious.
  • It's important to guard our energy.  If we do things we don't like, we get tired.  For this reason, it's important to know what we like doing so we can more of those things that give us energy and less of the things that drain our energy.  
  • Meditation and yoga help to cleanse the unconscious mind.  It helps you to stop being a slave to your emotions so that you will be master over your emotions.  
Things we can do:
  • Pay compliments to people every day, especially to family members and yourself.  Even if it's hard to compliment someone, you can still find something to compliment.  
  • Hold on to your hopes and dreams because without those, we become anxious.  
  • Good and bad energy is produced through information.  Clear out the negative info. in your environment such as the negative people and watching the news.