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The Journey


Do you remember a time if your life when you wanted something so badly for so long?  For years you dreamed of achieving something so grand that you didn't know if it would actually happen for you.   Maybe you wanted to someday run a marathon, have a certain job, or go to some exotic location in the world.  

For me, one of the dreams I've held on to for over a decade was to go to the Maldives.  Let me tell you about the Maldives.  The Maldives is an island nation located southwest off the coast of India.  I don't know where this idea first originated but it seems I accidentally came across it on the internet.  Maybe it was an advertisement for some hotel in the Maldives.  It was a picture so captivating that it enveloped my entire being upon seeing it.  All I could think about was that I had to go.  I absolutely had to go!  There's no question in my mind.  

It was a place so magical and breathtaking.  It had the most lucid blue green waters you ever did see. But what really got me was staying in a tiki hut over the ocean.  In this tiki hut were the most luxurious accomodations. Think modern amenities with every luxury possible.  I'm talking big spacious soaking tub surrounded by glass walls to enjoy the ocean view all around and a deck with it's own pool overlooking the ocean.  To be able to just stand on the deck and even jump right into the ocean without having to walk to a beach was huge to me!  I love snorkeling and looking at fish that this was the ultimate for me.  I mean this place has over 1100 species of fish!   They were everywhere.  And it was a place of absolute tranquility too. There was a peace and a reverance for this place.  It was far away from people but yet it wasn't. Breakfast could come in by boat to your hut if you wanted.  For years I would dream about and imagine my magical place.  

Well, 12 years after seeing the inital image, my big dream would come true.  For our honeymoon, my husband gave into my big dream.  I had to share it with his dream of going to Switzerland too but I was ok with that.  I was so exited to go!  24 hours after we left Atlanta, Georgia, 3 planes and 1 speed boat later, we arrived at Coco Palm Bodi Hithu.  I could hardly contain myself!  After arriving at our accomodations, I stood out on the deck overlooking the magnificant blue green waters and just took it in.  I couldn't believe that I was actually living the dream I had envisioned.  And then a sad thought crept it.  I thought to myself, that's it.  This was the big dream.  I've done it, now what?  I was so annoyed with myself.  It's kind of a let down.  You get to the destination and it's a dream killer.  Now what?  What's the next thing?  Well, don't worry.  I still very much enjoyed my honeymoon.  But it was a notable moment for me to remember that achieving the dream is just a very small part of the dream. The journey and who you become while dreaming about the dream is the meaty part of life.  Don't miss out on enjoying your journey because you're so focused on achieving the dream.  

So my question for you is, what is for you to stay in the journey?