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Caring for Tomatoes and Life



Last week I got back from an amazing trip to California.  I went to San Francisco and partook in the 75th year celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge, got lost in the majesty of the great Redwood Forest, got entranced by casading waterfalls, lakes, and mountains of Lake Tahoe, and was in awe of the goliath structues and vastness of Yosemite National Park.  Suprisingly, the first thing I rushed to do when arriving home after being gone for 10 days was to care for my tomato plants.  

I bought one of those self-watering contraptions for my plants so that they would survive without my daily watering but I came back to find their soil severely dry.  It wasn't enough water to keep them completely healthy but it was enough to help them survive.  My, they had grown so much in 10 days!  I was thrilled to see their growth!  They had even started to produce new baby tomatoes!   Between my 2 potted tomato plants, I had 5 fruits.  My plants also had several yellow leaves and stems.  I carefully pruned my beauties of their ailments.  I LOVE the smell of tomato leaves on my hands and fingers.  It's so fresh and has a grounding effect on me.  I'm so fully present when taking care of my lovely tomato plants.  

What I realized from this practice of pruning my tomatoes is that we need to do this for our life.  Our lives have a way of organically growing  like tomato plants with some parts growing strong and some parts slowing dying. To support the healthiest growth in our lives, we need to step back, evaluate, and prune the parts that are holding us back.  These are the parts of our lives that drain our energy or don't add to the vitality of our life.  

There's a zen proverb that says, "Knowledge is learning something every day.  Wisdom is letting go of something every day."  

What parts of your life do you need to prune back or let go of today to achieve stronger growth overall?  This is not easy to answer.   Take some time to journal or talk about these things with someone your trust.  


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