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What's the One Thing that Works Against Serving Others?


This morning I was listening to an old Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast titled Mutual Submission from 9/06/08.  The whole thing was less than 23 minutes long and I found that last minute to be the most enlightening.  Here's today's bit of wisdom from Andy Stanley.

"The thing that works against serving other people in general more than anything else is busyness.  And when an organization has an unsustainable pace, the first thing that is going to go is my willingness or ability to dip into your world and help you.  I’m going to be so focused on me and my projects and my stuff.  If I have no margin than the idea of me somehow trying to find some extra time to serve you is just going to go away.  So I think the number one thing a leader can do is to make sure that they are leading an organization that has a sustainable pace.  A sustainable pace creates margin and it’s in the margin that we serve other people. "

Are you too busy?

How would your life be different if you had "extra" time or margin in your life?  

What one small change can you make today to create margin in your life?





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