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The Power of Habits


This post is dedicated to my dear friend Nai who has inspired and encouraged me to blog tonight. Thanks for your friendship Nai!  

I'm in a really good place in my life right now due in part to the positive daily habits I've established to support me.   I heard about this concept to establish 10 daily habits several years ago and it's just now that my habits are taking hold.

First of all, what is a habit?  The dictionary defines it as:

a :  a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.

b :  an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.

Why is it important to establish some positive daily habits in your life?  

Well, habits support the positive changes in your behavior that have a fundamental impact on your life.  For example, one of my goals is to have good teeth through my old age.  One habit to support that goal is to floss my teeth daily.  

Once a habit is formed, it becomes effortless and it becomes part of who you are.  It hardly takes any effort to do it because it becomes so engrained in you that it becomes an automatic way of living.  It's just like driving a car.  When you first learned to drive it took a lot of attention and effort.  But after a while, it became as effortless as breathing.  Healthy habits are fundamental to living your best life.

Establishing healthy routines gives you more focus, energy, and balance.  It frees you up to do really great work.  

5 tips to establishing great habits:

1.  Work on establishing 1 new habit at a time.  Building a new habit takes focus and energy.  Give yourself the space to make it a success.

2.  Give yourself 21-30 days to build a new habit.

3.  Make sure it's a habit that you want to do and not just something you feel you "should" do.  

4.  Do it with a friend, an accountability partner.  Something about having someone else walk alongside you as your struggle to make something a habit makes it all better.

5.  Spend at least 5 mintues a day visualizing the new habit.  This is a great way to use "dead" time like when you're waiting in line or have a few minutes.

The following are some daily habits I've established that have been a great support in my life:

1.  Reading my bible every morning.  

2.  Writing down at least 3 things I'm grateful for.

3.  Looking at or visualizing my goals that I have turned into positive affirmations on my pinterest board.  Sorry this is a hidden board.

4.  Making my bed.

5.  Flossing my teeth. 

6.  Taking my vitamins.

7.  Acknowleding/thanking my husband for at least 1 thing every day.

8.  Being in bed by 10pm.

I have a list of other habits that I look forward to establishing soon but for now this is a good start and it has made a HUGE impact on my life already.  

Need ideas?

Thank one person a day.

Drink decaf instead of caffeine.

Walk 3 miles each morning.

Meditate for 20 minutes.

Write in your journal.

Handle 1 unresolved matter.

Offer to help someone.

Read something you really want to read.

Follow your intuition at least once a day.

Go the extra mile for someone.

Spend an hour with your children.

Stop complaining. 

Stretch every day.

Expect nothing and appreciate everything.




Hey Kim, Thanks for this awesome post! I'm so happy I inspired it! You seem to know just what I need when I need it. I decided the habit I most want to work on is reading my Bible on a regular basis. I am excited by what God will do in my life. Thanks for the inspiration! You rock! Love to you, Nai

Steve borek

I like the tips for establishing a habit.

I concur with the 30 day commitment. I'm a big believer in 30 day challenges.

Visualization is very important. Seeing yourself already established in the new habit.

Being intentional.

All good stuff Kim!

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