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Ignite: Life Lessons From a Coach


I am on fire today!  I just had an enlightening conversation with a buddy coach, Bruno, and I want to remember and share some life lessons from the call.  

1. Tip on making change possible

When you want to make a change in your life start by writing down all your obstacles to the change. Write down anything that could get in the way including limiting beliefs you may have.  For each obstacle, write a solution.  When I do this exercise, it's not surprising to have 30+ reasons not to change.  The purpose of this exercise is to identify the excuses, explose them, and do something about it so they're not holding you back.  

2.  Take 100% responsibility for your life

Bruno hired a new coach for himself and I asked how the coach was.  He said he decided it didn't matter who his coach was, he was going to be the best coachee he could be.  He was going to put forth his best effort no matter what.  That was a powerful statement!  What if we took this idea to all areas of our life.  What if we took out the excuse that we can't be our best because someone else wasn't inspiring us. Do your best anyway in all your relationships.  Don't blame others.  

3.  Play

There's a coaching program I took called The Time Peace Program.  One of my favorite mantras in it is "time is a tool that is exclusively mine to play with."  I love this concept because instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when my schedule gets overloaded, I can bring play into the mix and experience a sense of lightness and freedom in how I chose to use my time .  I remember that I am in charge of my time and commitments and if something is not working, I change it....I play with it.  I move things around and have fun.  Bruno asked, what if I take this concept of play to other parts of my life.  For example, for all my meetings and activites today, how can I infuse an element of play into it.  If I did that, life would be more fun, carefree, and enjoyable.  How would your life change if you brought an element of play and fun into everything you do?


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