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What I Learned from John Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership



Just this past week I had the privilege of seeing John Maxwell speak on the 5 levels of leadership.  Below are my notes.

The law of process- leaders develop daily and not in a day!  We like to microwave leaders but you have to crock pot leaders.  

Ask how far can you grown instead of how long will it take?  Teach growth and not goal setting.

Level 1 Leadership:  Position

People follow you because they have to.  People are prisoners.  You get the least amount of effort and the least amount of energy from your people.  The followers are asking themselves, how little do I have to do to keep from being fired?  Low morale and low energy are common here.  

Level 2 Leadership:  Permission

The key word here is "relationships".  People follow you because they want to.  

They listen.  Great leadership begins not by telling people what to do but rather by asking questions and listening to them.  "Listen, learn, and lead."  

Every follower asks 3 questions:

    1.  Do you like me?

    2.  Can you help me?

    3.  Can I trust you?  (Will you lead me for my best interest?)

Great leaders know it's better to slow down and go together than to go fast and go alone.  

It's not a what a person says but what a person does.  Lead based on the behavior of your people.  Listen well, observe well, and serve well.  Value people.  

Level 3 Leadership:  Production

The key word is "RESULTS".  People following because of what you have done for your organization.

3 key points here:

    1.  Lead by example.  People do what people see.  

    2.  Create momentum.  When you produce, you create momentum.  When you have momentum, people think you are better than you actually are.  Managers solve problems while                                         leaders create momentum.  

    3.  Attract better people.  Producers attract producers.  Many leaders send people where they haven't been before.  They are travel agent leaders.  Be a tour guide leader instead and show people the way.

Level 4 Leadership:  People Development

People follow because of what you have done for them.  

Reproduction- you compound and multiply.  

    1. Recruit very well.  There's a strength in recruiting  They know how to bring people to the team.  The first step of recruiting is having a clear picture of what you're recruiting for.  What does this person look like?

    2. Position their people really well.

    3. Equip people well.  5 things:

        1.  Being good yourself.  You cannot give what you do not have.  Make sure you're really good at what you do.

        2.  You can't teach.  They have to watch you do it.  Spend the time with people.  You don't do business alone.  You always have someone with you.

        3.  You let them do it.  You are tweaking them.

        4.  They do it.

        5.  They do it and now someone is learning from them.  

Level 5-  Personhood

People follow you because of who you are and what you represent.  You are a model to follow.  You are larger than life.  


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